QlikView Leader -Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms

Publication Date: 27 January 2011

  • QlikTech is the poster child for a new end-user-driven approach to BI. Evidence for this can be found in the buzz around it (with a brand many times more prominent than its current market share), its continued growth, and the success of its July 2010 IPO on NASDAQ — the first BI flotation for many years.
  • Ease of use drives user adoption. QlikTech’s QlikView product is a self-contained BI platform, based on a wholly in-memory data store, with a set of well-integrated BI tools for building highly interactive applications. Anecdotal feedback from QlikView end users invariably centers on how intuitive and likable the product is to use. More than three-quarters of QlikView customers said they selected it primarily for its ease of use for end users (the only vendor on the quadrant where above 75% of those surveyed said this was the case). Moreover, because of this advantage, many of QlikTech’s customers use the product for rapid prototyping, often when another BI platform standard is already in place.
  • QlikView’s architecture and go-to-market approach continue to deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction, although with the note of realism that appeared in the 2010 survey somewhat heightened in 2011. As in previous years, QlikTech garnered among the highest scores for customer experience, vendor success and business benefit outcomes — however, customers’ rating of QlikView’s functionality, which rated high before, fell out of the top-three vendors surveyed in 2011.
  • QlikTech’s “land and expand” sales strategy is working. Based on the survey, QlikView deployments are growing, both in terms of their reach across their customers (most QlikView implementations are now regional or national, the third widest scope of any vendor on the Magic Quadrant — only trailing Oracle and SAP) and in terms of average number of users per customer respondent (up from 380 in 2010 to 1,019 this year). QlikTech’s ability to demonstrate larger and more complex deployments, coupled with its otherwise stellar market success, are the major reasons for its move from a Challenger to a Leader on this year’s Magic Quadrant.
  • QlikTech is building out from its initial midmarket stronghold; survey data shows that larger organizations are adopting QlikView, with 53% of customers considering it a BI standard (a rise of 5% over 2010). Gartner frequently sees companies deploy QlikView for use in rapid prototyping and requirements gathering, usually alongside a more traditional semantically modeled BI platform.

    In 2010, business users had greater influence over BI buying, often choosing data discovery vendors as an alternative to traditional BI tools:


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